Leadership team

The New Gambia Movement’s Executive Committee is composed of the following offices and office holders:
  1. President: Dr. Baba Galleh Jallow
  2. Vice President: Dr. Omar Janneh
  3. Administrative Assistant: Ms. Adama Jabang
  4. National Organizing Secretary: Dr. Pierre Gomez
  5. Director of Education and Civic Empowerment: Mrs. Nahla Tambadou
  6. Director of Communications and Media Relations: Mr. Badou M. Gaye
  7. Treasurer: Dr. Bakary J. Sonko
  8. Director of Research and Documentation: Dr. Bala Saho
  9. Co-Director of Research and Documentation: Mr. Sambou Darboe
  10. Director of Charitable Projects: Dr. Atta Ceesay
  11. Co-Director of Charitable Projects: Dr. Amina Sillah
  12. Legal Affairs Secretary: Ms. Aisha Ceesay
  13. NGM Norway Chapter Coordinator: Mr. Omar Drammeh
  14. Health Services Coordinator: Dr. Surahata Ceesay
Other members of the Executive Committee include:
  • Mr. Abdou Rahman Jallow
  • Ms. Isha Savage